One day I packed up shop (literally - I packed up my fashion shop in Canberra, Australia) and moved to New York with my husband. It was at this time of transition and new beginnings that I finally launched into my yoga studies and landed as a student of Chrissy Carter at YogaWorks. Here I completed my 200H RYT certification. I’m extremely grateful for my time spent in New York being able to immerse myself in my practice and have the opportunity to take class with some of the wold's most renowned teachers. In the big bad Big Apple, where everyone's climbing, competing and restless, where your calendar should never be vacant and your job title defines you, a forced career break had me find stillness, contentment and joy in the subtle. Here I learnt that what’s more important than what you do, is how you make people feel...

Nothing brings me more joy than creating care deeply about making consider myself a bright, creative person and I’m often told I radiate positive energy and a warm character. I find contentment in the kitchen, where I can spend hours cooking up traditional family favourites or create new ones. To me food is a form of communication and connection, it’s how I say, “I care about you; get well soon; let’s be friends; I’m sorry; I love you”. There is nothing I enjoy more than hours gathered around the dining table with family and friends - discussing the big issues or laughing the house down (my laugh is said to be able to shake the foundation of a building). I'm always encouraging myself to open up to new discussions, choose new adventures and view life through different lenses.

...That's why I chose to teach. 

My motivation for teaching first and foremost comes from a place of giving. Teaching gives me the opportunity to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities. I hope to be for others what my teachers have been and continue to be for me.

I was first introduced to yoga as an integrated body practice to complement my dance training. Having spent over 20 years in dance as a student, professional performer and teacher, in yoga I discovered a new way to move that was also nurturing to my body. While I had been doing yoga for many years, it wasn't until a period in my life when the pressures and stress of running a business weighed heavy, that I connected to it on a deeper level and found the support network I needed through my practice, my teachers and the community. For this I am forever grateful to Bonnie, Roz and the whole community at Soulution Yoga.

2020 brings new adventures as I embark on a year of travel. I will be teaching pop up classes and events wherever I land. I will also be using this as an opportunity to study with other teachers around the world and broaden my knowledge of food and cooking as I experience new cultures and traditions. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you pop in again soon.

Alicia xx

Alicia Xyrakis

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